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v. to receive one thing with approval and intention to keep it. This use usually arises on the query of accepting a payment which is late or not complete or accepting the “service” of authorized papers. v. 1) traditionally to leave a jurisdiction to keep away from being served with legal papers or being arrested. 2) a surprise leaving with funds or goods that have been stolen, as in “he absconded with the loot.” v. to annul or repeal a regulation or move laws that contradicts the prior legislation. Abrogate also applies to revoking or withdrawing circumstances of a contract. adj. physically able to working at a job or within the navy.

If the evidence completely could not have been discovered at the time of trial, it might be considered on a movement for a new trial. a person who signs an affidavit and swears to its fact earlier than a notary public or some person authorized to take oaths, like a County Clerk. a payment which is made earlier than it’s legally due, such as before shipment is made, a sale is completed, a e-book is accomplished by the creator, or a note is due to be paid. a listening to before any governmental agency or earlier than an administrative regulation decide. Such hearings can vary from simple arguments to what amounts to a trial. There is no jury, however the agency or the administrative legislation choose will make a ruling. v. what a jury or judge sitting with no jury does at the end of a felony trial if the jury or decide finds the accused defendant not guilty.

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Regarding auto insurance, a driver whose conduct is held legally responsible for causing an accident. the act of taking on a debt as part of cost for property which secures that debt. an individual whose official driving document is so poor that he/she can not purchase business auto insurance coverage, and must be assigned to a state operated or designated insurance program at excessive rates. the charges dropped at impeach a public official. the felony crime of intentionally burning a home or other building.

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a rise in one’s land from soil deposited on the shoreline by pure action of a stream, river, bay or ocean. (al-ee-kwoh) adj. a definite fractional share, usually utilized when dividing and distributing a dead particular person’s property or belief belongings. 1) a name used other than the given name of an individual or reference to that different name, which is probably not an attempt to hide his/her id . evidence discovered by a dropping celebration after a trial has been accomplished and judgment given, additionally referred to as newly-found proof.