Argumentation theory

law argumentProfessor Bondy argues a difficulty relating to a surveillance program. At the time, Professor Bondy was with the Department of Justice, within the Appellate Staff. He is currently Senior Counsel in Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe’s Supreme Court and Appellate practice.

For little wanting the area of 5 years, nearly three hundred captured Africans had been kept as prisoners of the United States, and to abide the decision of their tribunals for the enjoyment of their inalienable proper to liberty. What had they been doing, during this lengthy captivity?

The Justices have read these briefs previous to argument and are thoroughly conversant in the case, its facts, and the authorized positions that each celebration is advocating. Sarah Schrup, head of Northwestern University School of Law’s Supreme Court practicum, was the primary lawyer to make use of the brand new two minutes of uninterrupted argument time. Some students (corresponding to Ralph H. Johnson) construe the time period “argument” narrowly, as completely written discourse and even discourse during which all premises are specific. Others (such as Michael Gilbert) construe the time period “argument” broadly, to include spoken and even nonverbal discourse, as an example the degree to which a warfare memorial or propaganda poster may be mentioned to argue or “make arguments”. The philosopher Stephen Toulmin has said that an argument is a claim on our attention and perception, a view that would seem to authorize treating, say, propaganda posters as arguments.

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