Your Insurance Company Is Treating You Unethically?

Companies that provide insurance are required to adhere to a code. When working with clients, insurance adjusters must be professional and compassionate. You might want to learn more about the code ethics insurance claims adjusters must follow if you have received poor service or feel you were treated unfairly.

The Code of Ethics

  • Insurers claim professionals work within the public trust. This means that they must maintain integrity in order to establish public trust for their industry.
  • Professionals should only request information they consider relevant. They must also ensure that the information is accurate and delivered on time.
  • Respecting the individual rights and security of clients is important.
  • Illegal discrimination and prejudices must be stopped from influencing the outcome of any claim or decision.
  • It is important to maintain sensitive attitudes in all interactions.
  • Claims professionals must also comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to handling claims.
  • Before an insurance company pursues litigation to resolve a claim, it must consider all possible options.

These are just some of the rules that insurance claim professionals monitor within their own departments and with other employees. If you are a policyholder and are continually frustrated by the service you receive, you can file a complaint against your insurance company. This is based on the experience you had, especially if it was not in accordance with these ethics-based principles.

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