4 Types of Personal Injury Cases That Require an Attorney

People may come to harm in several ways, sometimes, it is as a result of their own actions. However, at other times, it is a result of the actions of others. The harm from others may be intentional, accidental, or out of negligence. To solve the problems that may arise because of the latter, personal injury cases were created.

Personal injury claims are legal claims that are made when an individual or a group of individuals feel they’ve been harmed directly or indirectly by the actions of other people. The aim of the claim is to make sure that the injured party is properly compensated for their troubles which may include medical bills and other fees the damage done to them might incur.

It is important to note that there are different types of injury situations, therefore, there are several kinds of personal injury cases.

Automobile Accidents

Accident lawyers handle automobile accident claims which are filed when a driver, out of negligence, causes a motor accident that harms other road users. Statistically, motor accidents represent a large percentage of personal injury cases. Although some of the rules may vary depending on the state or region, the most basic of them still apply in every region.

Drivers are advised to carry their liability insurance in order to protect them from the damages they may suffer in the crash.

Medical Malpractice

Medical practitioners are entrusted with the lives of all the patients in their care. However, sometimes, doctors and nurses make mistakes in their assessment of their patient’s illness or their treatments. These mistakes may have mild or severe consequences, for instance, a doctor might fail to catch a tumor in its early stage, thereby reducing the chances of that patient’s survival or they may make a critical error during childbirth. Therefore, the wronged patient may file an injury claim against the guilty health officer or their institution to get compensation for their injuries.

Premises Liability

The owner of an establishment is responsible for the safety of all who visit their building. Therefore, if a visitor comes to harm on their property, they are legally held accountable for injuries sustained. As a result, the building owner may pay a compensation fee that covers the medical fee of the injured party and then some.

It is important to note that a premises liability claim may only be filed if the visitors were not warned of the possible dangers prior to their entrance into the building or if the owner of the establishment doesn’t leave sufficient warning around the danger areas. However, this rule may be overridden if the danger is excessive and considered unavoidable. 

Products Liability

People consume products daily, however, some products such as drugs, foods, medical devices, and chemicals may become defective during production. When this happens, consumers of such products may suffer severe medical complications.

It is left to the plaintiff’s injury attorney to analyze the product, collect evidence of its harmful effects and go after the manufacturers of said product.