Bail Bond Process & Cost

bail bond costIf you do, the court will return your bail. However, when you don’t present up, the court docket will hold your bail and more than likely concern an arrest warrant, meaning you may likely end up back in jail.

In many cases, we will offer no collateral bail bonds. The bail bond value is the complete quantity of bail decided by the courts. The bail bond premium is the sum of money a bail bondsman expenses for pre-trial launch and is typically 10% of the total bail quantity ordered by the court docket system. Some states provide a hybrid between posting full money bail and shopping for a bail bond from a non-public bail bond seller.

It is necessary to note that whereas cash bonds are acceptable, they are not generally used due to the excessive cost of bonds. In many situations, monetary limitations forestall money from being a viable option.

Will the court take my property as bail collateral?

Defendants don’t want a lawyer to to arrange for bail. They can both submit money bail personally, or cellphone a bail bond seller and arrange for a bond. Relatives or associates can come to a jail or court and post money bail for an arrested individual or buy a bond from a bail bond seller. To post a Bail Bond, a defendant is usually required to pay a Bail bondsman 10% of the bail amount.

Bail agreement/contract

Take the time to totally understand the bail bond contract and know your rights. Understand what you are promising. The most common option is to contact a bail bond company. Bail bond companies cost a fee for their providers.

Posting bail on their behalf allows them to get out of jail to allow them to work on their defense, continue working their job and supporting themselves and their household and prevents them from the mental and emotional turmoil that may be introduced on while sitting behind bars. If you need to use a bail bonds service on behalf of a liked one in Las Vegas, go to Lightning Bail right now. We can help you get the one you love out of jail as shortly as possible.