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law dictionaryExecutor/executrix or private consultant [PR] – individual named to administer the estate, typically subject to the supervision of the probate court, in accordance with the testator’s wishes in the will. In most cases, the testator will nominate an executor/PR in the will until that individual is unable or unwilling to serve. In some circumstances a literary executor could also be appointed to handle a literary estate. Administrator – individual appointed or who petitions to administer an estate in an intestate succession.

Deposition. Testimony of a witness taken underneath oath, however not in a courtroom. May be used to find evidence previous to trial or to protect testament for use in court docket at a later time. Declaratory Judgment.

Cause. A lawsuit, litigation, or action. Any question, civil or legal, litigated or contested earlier than a court docket of justice. Bystander.

It will thus be a robust online multilingual regulation dictionary and much more since, not only will the person get a translation of the native term, he/she will also have entry to explanations of the English authorized idea related to it, as well as frequent utilization mistakes, recordings for pronunciation, language exercises for training, and so forth. The dictionary of legislation ought to serve as a training platform to teach guests to the site on the way to use the English authorized phrases by way of on-line language workouts and learning supplies. A multilingual dictionary of legislation should use a single, baseline language to explain, and a single analytical methodology to check, important legal terms and concepts of different international locations.

The aim of a collaborative lawyer is to settle the case pretty, with out going to court. The attorneys are hired to achieve a settlement, to not go to court. If the process breaks down, the lawyers must withdraw from the case.

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A kind of bond (an interest-bearing doc that serves as evidence of an funding or debt) that doesn’t require safety within the form of a mortgage or lien on a selected piece of property. Repayment of a debenture is assured solely by the overall credit of the issuer. For instance, an organization could issue a secured bond that gives the bondholder a lien on the corporation’s manufacturing unit.