How Do Bail Bonds Work

about bail bondsIf the accused has met the conditions of the bail, the money shall be returned. When individuals have been charged with a criminal offense, they appear earlier than a choose who determines whether they can be launched into the community before going to trial. In some circumstances, the accused may be released on his or her personal recognizance, which means that the court docket trusts the individual to show up for the next courtroom date and to comply with all circumstances set by the judge, corresponding to holding a job or refraining from utilizing alcohol. The City Finance Department usually points a refund of the bail quantity, upon receiving correct documentation, inside 2 weeks of receiving the court order.

As structured, the bail bonds industry survives largely off those who don’t have the financial assets to post bail. Overwhelmingly, the service of a bail bondsman is their solely way out of jail. Bail bond companies generate income by charging a payment — typically 10% of a defendant’s bail amount. So if a defendant has bond set at $50,000, the bail bond company expenses $5,000 to get them out. No matter what, the bonds firm will gather that charge — responsible or not responsible.

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How to get a Bail Bond

We then work with you or your loved one and the jail to secure launch by issuing a bond in the full amount of the bail set by the courtroom. Depending on the circumstances, collateral or a co-signer may be required. Your bail bondsman is also a resource individual.

Professional Bondsman

Bail brokers, share this video with potential clients to assist them understand the bail process before they contact you. We encourage you to submit this video in your web site or company weblog and to share it with potential shoppers. If you have questions about how to share or embed this, want a different format or size for your website, weblog, would love an accompany article, or produce other necessities or requests, ship us an e mail. You can submit cash for the complete amount of the bond with the court docket or jail. “Bail Bondsman Accused of Embezzling Funds From a Client”.