I Worked As a Bail Bond Agent. Here’s What I Learned.

how to bailJudges are responsible for setting bail. Because many individuals need to get out of jail instantly (as a substitute of ready for a day or longer to see a judge), most jails have commonplace bail schedules that specify bail quantities for widespread crimes.

In many conditions, particularly for minor offenders committing first-time offenses, the defending attorney (or public defender) may argue on the arraignment that the defendant should be launched underneath his or her “own recognizance.” When a person is released under his or her own recognizance, it implies that the court is trusting the individual to return for the precise court date with out holding a bond amount to make sure the particular person returns. “Bail” is a deposit of cash that courts require from criminal defendants. The court docket holds the deposit to make sure that the defendant retains any courtroom appearances.

Co-signing produces untold stress because the person considers whether to pay for bail or their bills. demise. Alongside other criminal justice-associated expenses like courtroom fines and fees, bail funds drain wealth from low-income communities of colour, further entrenching disadvantage. I worked as a bail bond agent in a large urban county for a 12 months and a half to check firsthand the operations of big-metropolis bail and its effects on defendants and their families. Anna was simply considered one of an unlimited group of girls positioned at the bottom of a system that generates big profits for a comparatively small variety of gamers—primarily giant insurance corporations.

The bail quantity can’t be more than is reasonable to perform that objective. If you end up in jail after an arrest, there’s in all probability only one factor going through your head — getting out.

Getting Out of Jail Free

In different words, the bail bond agency guarantees to the court that if the defendant fails to seem, it will pay the complete amount of bail. The charge for a bail bond is normally round 10% of the total bail amount, and it isn’t refundable.