Important Things To Know After A Slip And Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are much more common than we might think. And they usually do not happen because of the fault of the injured person. Since slips, trips, and falls can easily happen literally anywhere, it is very important to take the right steps after what happened. This is particularly important if you are not at fault.

The law states that all walkways, parking lots, homes, buildings, and similar locations have to be maintained in order to guarantee they are safe to travel. This responsibility is what we refer to when saying “premises liability”, which means whenever being seriously injured after a slip and fall on the property of someone else and due to the negligence of the owner, compensation is possible for time off work, medical bills, and a lot more.

What Should You Do After The Accident?

The most important things to do after the accident are:

  • Seeking Medical Treatment

The main priority for you is taking care of your health. Whenever hurt, make sure to go to the doctor as soon as possible. This is important since injuries needed to be documented. They stand out as the most important evidence you have when you look for compensation.

  • Report The Incident

Regardless of where the accident happened, like on the sidewalk or inside a store, you have to report it to the appropriate landlord, owner, or manager. Incident details should be presented in writing and you need to ask the landlord, owner, or manager to give you a report.

  • Document Everything Relevant

After your accident, you need to collect addresses, names, email addresses, and phone numbers from all the potential witnesses. This is because statements can easily help prove the claim when you decide to take legal action. In addition, it is a very good idea to take pictures of the location where the slip and fall accident happened. Just make sure you take photos of all icy patches, stairs, and all the other conditions that did contribute to what happened. Write down details about what happened before the incident, how you fell, and all other details you find important. This does include exact date and time. Also, save all your clothes and shoes since they could be very relevant for your injury claim.

  • Do Not Give Statements

Try to remain as calm as possible and do limit communication with insurance companies and property owners. Also, make sure you do not post accident details on your social media accounts. It is very important to decline giving statements to the insurance adjusters. Only do this after you discuss your claim with the attorney.

  • Contact An Attorney

This is one of the most important things to remember after the accident. You need the help of a slip and fall attorney in Boston. This is because all of these cases are very complex. Proving exactly what happened will not be easy and you do need the resources of the law firm. These specialists will do wonders for your claim and you will end up receiving more money at the end of the process.