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Johnson believes that Arizona’s reading of Brendlin is inaccurate as a result of he views Brendlin as merely holding that seizure is determined by whether a reasonable individual believed he was free to go away. Because the encounter was consensual, Johnson maintains that Trevizo’s search was invalid and violated the Fourth Amendment as a result of she could not show both Terry requirements.

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Note that Sandy was not the preliminary aggressor on this situation. If Sandy pulled a knife first, she could not use the knife and declare self-protection, whether or not the state follows the stand-your-ground doctrine or the obligation to retreat doctrine. In some jurisdictions, the defendant can be the preliminary aggressor and nonetheless use drive in self-protection if the defendant withdraws from the attack, and communicates this withdrawal to the attacked particular person (N.Y. Penal Law, 2010). If the attacked individual persists in using force in opposition to the defendant after the defendant’s withdrawal, quite than notifying legislation enforcement or retreating, the defendant is justified in utilizing drive under the circumstances. In some jurisdictions, a person can’t respond to the defendant’s attack using extreme pressure beneath the circumstances (State v. Belgard, 2010).

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The Court’s decision might make clear the legislation related to searches of individuals, and have an effect on how officers pursue their legislation enforcement duties. .” In this case, the Court will address whether or not suspicion of criminal activity is always a requirement for a pat-down search, or whether pat-down searches are valid in any reasonable circumstances when a police officer has a priority for her safety. Johnson, nevertheless, argues in favor of upholding the court docket of appeals’ holding that he was not seized at the time of his questioning. First, Johnson raises a procedural argument and contends that the problem of seizure should not be re-examined as a result of the problem has not been raised on appeal. He also points to Trevizo’s testimony that “she was not exercising authority” over Johnson. As such, Johnson contends that an inexpensive individual in Johnson’s scenario would not find that he was seized and would not consider that he was compelled to undergo Trevizo’s request to exit the vehicle and talk about the gang. Lastly, Johnson argues that case regulation doesn’t help Arizona’s view that a passenger could also be seized for the whole period of a visitors cease.

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Sue pulls a knife out of a sheath that’s strapped to her leg and begins to advance toward Sandy. In a state that follows the retreat doctrine, Sandy should attempt to flee, if she will achieve this safely. In a state that follows the stand-your-ground doctrine, Sandy can defend herself utilizing her personal knife and claim lawful self-protection.