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Pondering why troops are nonetheless in Afghanistan? Then public international law might be the category for you. The aim of the category is to address the essential points arising from the advent of the internet and associated digital technologies and familiarise students with important authorized developments which have taken place in the last 20 years. The class will assist to develop college students’ legal, mental and sensible abilities, and supply them with an opportunity to mirror on the effectiveness and ethics of what they do and how this fits in with problems of access to justice. It may even improve scholar understanding of the social and economic context in which legal guidelines function.

The module commences with a discussion of foundational points regarding fundamental ideas in Environmental Law and the range of authorized approaches which are adopted in national, European Union and worldwide regulation. Thereafter, the main focus is on the protection of the environmental media of water, land and air to forestall air pollution and to secure environmental high quality aims. The module concludes by inspecting some cross-slicing issues, similar to enforcement, info access, participation and various methods for environmental protection. This module will provide college students with a robust grounding within the technical regulation regarding homelessness, as well as an understanding of some of the key policy debates which underlie this authorized framework. The module opens with discussion of social understandings of house and homelessness, earlier than shifting to an in depth assessment of the current framework of England’s homelessness regulation.

A main theorist of political liberalism, Stephen Holmes has written extensively about the disappointments of democratization after communism and the difficulty of combating terrorism within the limits of liberal constitutionalism. Moshe Halbertal is a wide-ranging scholar of philosophy, political concept, and Jewish thought who has authored significant books on sacrifice, idolatry, and Maimonides. The latest addition to this illustrious group is Anthony Appiah, a leading ethical and political thinker and one of the nation’s finest-identified thinkers on race and society. Building on the data acquired by students in first 12 months, the general educational objective of the course is to examine the basic ideas and guidelines regarding core elements of business law, including the primary principles of agency, partnership and firm law, the legislation relating to numerous strategies of payment (together with consumer credit score and bills of change) the rules governing the methods during which creditors can ‘safe’ repayment of a debt (eg through taking private ensures from third events for reimbursement of the debt, or by establishing rights in safety over debtor property); the essential ideas of diligence; the results of both corporate and particular person debtor lack of ability to repay debts (company insolvency and personal bankruptcy respectively). Law is concerned with the examine of the obligations, duties and rights which every member of society has in relation to one one other and to the state.

A central question of this module is whether or not, and to what extent, there is something distinctive about legal reasoning in comparison with other forms of reasoning. That question is posed from the attitude of a legal practitioner, particularly, an advocate. The purpose of the module is to equip college students – as potential advocates, but also normally – with a range of instruments and skills of argument that are simply transferrable across legal and non-legal contexts. In brief, to show transferrable crucial thinking skills within a legal context.

A vary of staff are available to offer additional support, including an academic help tutor, a pro-bono scheme co-ordinator and specialist regulation librarians. An extensive programme of careers lectures and workshops is delivered within the School of Law and Politics and a Law Careers Consultant is on the market.