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law dictionarythree) The total of every little thing a person or entity owes to all collectors. For instance, every little thing the United States government owes is collectively known as “the national debt,” and that amount is made up of a variety of money owed. Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary incorporates 3,800 plain-English legal definitions, including many newly coined phrases you may discover on-line and off, such as “typosquatting” and “patent troll”. Of course, should you need definitions for authorized standards — even when they’re in Latin — you may discover these right here too.

Also the finding of a judge or jury following a trial in which Crown was unable to prove the accused’s guilt beyond an inexpensive doubt. A confidential assembly that each parties usually will need to have with a judge/grasp earlier than any contested court utility can be made.

A witness may volunteer to testify or might receive a subpoena (a authorized doc which orders him/her to return to court docket at a certain time to testify). Usually a witness is only permitted to be within the courtroom to listen to the testimony of different witnesses once his or her own testimony has been completed.

The certificates is only required if you’re asking for a divorce; the choose will not make a final order for a divorce unless there’s a signed registrar’s certificates on file. For some couples, a interval of separation doesn’t imply the tip of the connection. In household legislation, reconciliation means that a couple who’ve been separated resume their relationship. Under the Divorce Act it’s the responsibility of the court docket, before contemplating the proof, to satisfy itself that there isn’t any possibility of the reconciliation of the spouses. Spouses have as much as 90 days of tried reconciliation without affecting the availability of a 12 months of separation as a ground for the breakdown of the marriage.

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A lawsuit introduced by a shareholder towards the corporation’s directors, other shareholders of the corporation, or a third celebration for failure of administration or fraud. The suing shareholder sues on behalf of the company (usually as a result of the directors are failing to exercise their authority for the advantage of the corporate), and any proceeds of a successful action are awarded to the company and not to the suing shareholder. The taking and recording of the testimony of a party or witness beneath oath before a court reporter, in a spot away from the courtroom, before trial.

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Cause. A lawsuit, litigation, or action. Any question, civil or felony, litigated or contested before a court docket of justice. Bystander.

The act of rendering some­thing null and void, or a clause in a deed, lease, will, or different legal docu­ment that completely or partially negates the doc if a certain condition occurs or fails to happen. For example, a will might present that a gift of property is defeasable—that is, void—if the beneficiary fails to marry before a certain time. A means of ­escaping an excessively burdensome mortgage.

The antiquated English time period of administratrix was used to discuss with a female administrator but is generally no longer in normal legal utilization. Headwords are given their dates of earliest recognized use in English-language sources, giving dictionary users a greater sense of historical context.